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6 Chemical-Free Strategies for Keeping Pests Away From Your Vegetables

Like other members of the health-conscious community, you see the value in growing your own produce. The last thing you want to do is off-set the myriad of health benefits that come with growing your own vegetables with a toxic pesticide. Recent news reports expose pesticides as having extremely negative effects. Furthermore, authors Hall and Arnette both discuss the link between pesticides and cognitive issues and prenatal motor functions. Ongoing studies continue to reveal the harm in conventional pest control. In reality, there is no need to use these toxic chemicals; there's just a need for innovative thinking, trial, and error. Below you'll find some natural, harmless alternative methods for keeping pests out of your vegetable garden. Roaming Chickens A...

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4 Warning Signs Your Plant Isn't Going To Make It

Not everyone's got a green thumb. Despite your best efforts, there are times when plants you care for might just die. Given the propensity for most plants to lose their leaves and appear dormant for long stretches of time, though, it's not always easy to tell what the reality is. To get a better idea of what a dead plant looks like, here are four warning signs your plant isn't going to make it. Look at Leaves An easy way to tell whether something might be wrong with your plant is to check the condition of its leaves, as they're the best indicator of plant health we have. Plants that shed their leaves out of season are usually not in...

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