Worm Casting Benefits

Worm castings are the perfect soil supplement for your garden, yard, or farm. If you're tired of messing around with second-rate fertilizers, it's time to step up to nature's perfect plant food – worm castings. What's so special about earthworm castings?

Worm Castings Are All Natural

You don't have to worry about a bunch of chemicals or mystery ingredients in a bag of Simple Grow Soil Builder. There's one ingredient: worm castings. If you're worried about the chemicals and additives that are making it into your food, then worm castings are for you.


Odor Free!  No really, it is...

If you've ever dealt with regular fertilizer before, you probably aren't a fan of the smell. Amazingly, worm castings are odor free. They digest their food and crank out a clean and odorless soil supplement that won't leave everything smelling terrible.

Castings Promote Ideal Soil Structure and Aeration

Simple Grow Soil Builder enhances the condition of your soil partly by improving its aeration. Worm castings are shaped like tiny, little cylinders that do not pack down easily. What does that mean for you? The soil that your plants are planted in will be able to get oxygen. The roots of your plants need oxygen, and worm castings will give it to them when they need it most.

Fast-Acting Growth Hormones For Better Roots

The worm's digestive process leads to super plant growth hormones being created in their waste. This creates an environment that promotes rapid root growth, which quickly leads to bigger, fuller plants. Want to win first prize at the county fair? This is the way to go.

Ideal Microbial Health

On a microscopic level, the bacteria in the worm castings is perfect for your plants. This helps enhance the overall health of your plants, while protecting them from diseases and harmful bacteria. The bacteria in worm castings actually helps promote nitrogen in the soil, which will make your plants thrive. 

Worm Castings are Burn-Proof... For You and Your Plants

Intimidated by regular fertilizers?  They can be scary to work with, partly because they are combustible/flammable and because if you put too much on a plant, it can "burn up" as well.  No worries with worm castings, they will not burn under any circumstances...and no matter how much you put on your plant, it won't burn!

 Jam-packed With Nutrients

 Worm castings are high in nutrient content, as well as important trace elements that your plants crave. It's kind of like giving your plants a powerful multivitamin to improve their overall health.  A little goes a LONG way – Worm castings are the most potent soil supplement you can get. It really doesn't take much to make a big difference with your plants. Just mix a little in with the soil and you'll be shocked how effective it can be. 


Want to know how our worm casting product, Simple Grow Soil Builder, can help you grow larger, healthier plants? 

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Worm Casting Benefits

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