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The 100% pure worm castings in Simple Grow Soil Builder are exactly what you've been looking for. Do you find yourself glancing over the fence at the neighbor's garden and wishing that your vegetables looked like that? Have you tried fertilizers, plant food, compost, and other solutions without the results that you really want? If that's the case, it's time to start focusing on the condition of the soil.

Worm castings are the perfect soil supplement for your garden, yard, or farm. If you're tired of messing around with second-rate fertilizers, it's time to step up to nature's perfect plant food – worm castings. Want to know more? Scroll on to read about the overall benefits of worm castings, or click the pictures below to see how they can benefit your specific plants!


"If your growing plants or for any garden, these worm castings are a absolute must have! I will not get castings from anywhere else, the team at Simple Grow and there product blows away all others!" - R. Adams


"We are using Simple Grow worm castings on everything in our gardens. Our flowers and vegetables are so much bigger and producing much more from previous seasons of using commercial fertilizer. We will be permanent customers and have shared our satisfaction of Simple Grow with all of our gardening friends." - B. MacLaren


"The worm castings product has greened up my lawn and my soil is healthy again." - A. DeMalteris

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"Awesome packaging and super fast delivery. Can't go wrong here. Perfect." - T. Ball

What makes earthworm castings such a special fertilizer?

Completely natural organic ingredients

If you’re one of those people who is, quite understandably, wary about putting chemicals or other unknown ingredients into your soil, Simple Growth Soil Builder is the perfect choice for you. It only contains a single ingredient: worm castings. If you don’t want a whole load of additives and chemicals put in your soil and therefore making their way into the vegetables you grow, Simple Grow Soil Builder can take away your concerns.

It has no odor at all (you'd think, being poop, it would have, but it honestly doesn't)

If you've used standard fertilizers, you're probably used to dealing with some pretty unpleasant smells and assumed that they are a price you have to pay to have your soil fertilized. However, worm castings have no odor at all; worms digest their food and then excrete a soil supplement that is completely clean without any odor, so you can carry on enjoying your garden or vegetable patch without having to hold your nose.

It promotes the perfect soil structure and helps aerate it all at once

Simple Grow Soil Builder improves the condition of your soil by enhancing its aeration capacity. A worm casting is like a very small cylinder that does not naturally compact: that means that when you plant your seeds in the soil, it will be very well aerated, allowing plants to access oxygen as they grow. Plants need some oxygen around the roots, and worm castings offer them easy access to this all-important resource.

Swiftly acting growth hormones promote root growth

The way in which worms digest their food means that they excrete hormones that are highly beneficial for growing plants. Soil with worm castings in it helps to encourage roots to grow rapidly, and this is a key to growing larger more flourishing plants. If you want your flowers and vegetables to be the envy of your neighborhood, Simple Grow Soil Builder can help.

Optimal microbial health

At the microscopic scale, worm castings contain bacteria that are absolutely ideal for promoting plant growth and health. These bacteria offer enhancements to the health of any plant, and at the same time protection from damaging bacteria and other diseases. Worm castings actively encourage the promotion of nitrogen in soil, and this will help your plants to flourish.

Remove any danger of damaging your skin or your plants

Standard fertilizers, because of their chemical combinations, can be worrying things to use; they are often combustible/flammable and can actually destroy a plant if subjected to too much of the product. Additionally, fertilizers can often be extremely harmful to human skin, eyes, and respiratory systems. When you are using our organic fertilizer Simple Grow Soil Builder, you can be absolutely assured that nothing will catch fire, it can't harm your plants in any way, and it can't do you, your kids, or your pets any harm either.

Bursting with nutrients

Worm castings have an absolute wealth of nutrients in their make-up, alongside many of the most vital trace elements that are crucial to growing healthy strong plants. If you look at it in human terms, giving your plants this fertilizer is rather like giving a human being a really effective strong multivitamin to promote overall health and well-being.

You can do a little with a lot

Worm castings have more power packed into their volume than any other fertilizer or supplement available. Just a small amount can make an astonishing difference to the growth and health of your flowers and vegetables. Mixing just a small amount into your soil will offer incredible results. If you're lucky enough to have a really big garden, we are happy to quote for supply of bulk worm castings, delivering you this amazing fertilizer by the ton or even bringing you a full truckload if that's what you need.

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