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Bulk Worm Castings for Corn

Are you looking for bulk worm castings for sale? If you have a large agricultural, landscaping, lawn care, or gardening business, you're going to want to buy this stuff by the ton.

If you need to fertilize more than a garden, it might make sense to get it in bulk. Worm castings are the most powerful soil supplement found in nature and a little bit can go a long way.

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A Little Worm Castings Can Go a Long Way


One of the reasons that it makes sense to go with worm castings on a large scale is because of the unbelievable potency they offer compared to regular fertilizers. According to research done by North Carolina State University, at a mixture as low as 20% worm castings, it starts to have a positive impact on crops. A typical ratio of soil to worm castings is 25% worm castings and 75% soil. However, even at 20%, you start to see benefits. If you're trying to fertilize a large amount of crops, a golf course, a giant yard, or anything else on that scale, being able to stretch your soil supplement can go a long way.

Bulk Worm Castings For Sale

 It's also important to keep this in mind when comparing worm castings against other types of fertilizer. Worm castings may be higher than some on a cost-per-ton basis. However, you don't have to use as much as you would with other fertilizers. This means that if you're only comparing dollars-per-ton with other types of fertilizers, you're not getting a true apples-to-apples comparison. Instead, it makes sense to calculate based on dollars-per-acre or whatever area measurement you're using. In that light, worm castings start to look very attractive.

Natural Pesticide Built In

Besides the amazing plant growth aspects of worm castings, many overlook the fact that it provides natural pesticide features as well. Research done by North Carolina State University found that crops grown with worm castings are much less likely to have pest issues. Many different types of pests will stay away from crops grown with worm castings in the soil. In addition to putting the castings in the soil, many farmers will also spray the crops with worm castings tea. Worm castings tea is a mixture of water and castings that can be sprayed directly on plants and the surrounding soil to increase the natural pesticide benefits even further. 

The regular method of growing many crops involves paying once for fertilizer and then paying a second time for some kind of pesticide so that your crops are actually intact when it's time to harvest. With worm castings, the pesticide is built right into the product and you may not need to invest additional capital in pesticide. 

When you add the costs of what you would pay for fertilizer and pesticide together and then compare it to worm castings...the scales start to tip in favor of worm castings in a big way.

Worm Castings in Greenhouses 

Greenhouses make it possible for gardeners and farmers to grow plants in many different climates and seasons. While they give you a lot of flexibility in the growing process, they present their own set of challenges. One of the most common problems when growing plants in a greenhouse is disease. Certain pathogens thrive on indoor plants and growers often turn to chemicals to eliminate them. If you're trying to grow plants in an organic fashion, chemicals aren't really an option though. For this situation, worm castings provide the ideal solution.

Many greenhouse owners are turning to worm castings due to their ability to stave off pathogens and disease. According to research done by Cornell University, worm castings release “a substance that interferes with the chemical signaling between the host and the pathogen.”

When planting inside a greenhouse, earthworm castings can provide you with a type of “disease insurance” against whatever might make its way inside. On top of that, you still get all of the other plant boosting benefits of the organic worm's manure.

Why it Makes sense for Farming

For farmers who are just learning about castings, worm manure might not seem like it would work on a large scale. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Worm castings are the most cost-effective and potent solution on the market for fertilizing crops on a large scale. As you start to dig into how much it would cost to use earthworm castings on your farm, you might think “hold on...this worm poop costs more per ton than chicken manure that I can get down the street.” If that's as far as you took your analysis, then yes, you probably would think that it's more expensive to go with worm castings.

Once you dig a little deeper, however, you'll see that it makes a lot of financial sense.

The key thing to think about when pricing worm castings is that you're not just buying fertilizer. You're essentially buying fertilizer and pesticide at the same time. If you're growing a crop that requires a lot of water, you're also getting something that reduces the amount of water you have to use substantially. Worm castings retain moisture, due to their structure, which means instead of the water running off, it's right there where the plants need it. Depending on the condition of the soil and the crop, worm castings allow you to use 50-75% less water than you normally would in the growing process.

By the time you add up the cost of another fertilizer, a chemical pesticide, and the water for the crops, there's a good chance castings are more cost-effective. Things can swing even more in favor of castings if you utilize a worm castings tea. This is a concoction in which you soak worm castings in water and use that on crops. Many farmers do this to add an extra layer of “natural pesticide” to the crops, while providing vital nutrients to the crops simultaneously.

After you get past the cost argument for castings on a large scale, you also have to think about the other major benefits. One of the most profound benefits for farmers is the possibility of increased yield. According to Nature Research, the presence of worm castings in soil leads to a 25% increase in crop yields on average.

That means you may get up to 25% more crops than you would ordinarily just by using worm castings. If you're doing an economic analysis, adding another 25% to your total yield will make a huge difference.

Perhaps the best part is that you can do all of this without harmful chemicals. Castings can be part of an organic farming operation, which opens your crops up to an entirely new segment of customers and businesses.

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