Will Worms Help Soil That Has No Nutrients?

When you’re trying to grow fruits and vegetables, the condition and overall health of the soil is paramount. If you try to put seeds into a depleted, dry, barren soil, your results will not be good.

Commercial farming practices and other factors have depleted much of the nutrients in the soil around the world. If you’re stuck with a plot of land that has no nutrients, is there a way to replenish the soil and get it back to growing status again? Luckily, you came to the right place.

There is such a tool that can help you rebuild your soil and get it back on the right track: pure, organic worm castings. What do worm castings do for the condition of your soil?

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Providing a Host of Nutrients

When you add most fertilizers to the soil, you’ll get one or two nutrients added in most cases. For example, a common nutrient that you’ll find in a lot of commercial fertilizers is nitrogen. If your goal is simply to add nitrogen, then that will be fine. However, soil that has loads and loads of nitrogen and nothing else in it, isn’t going to do that well. At a certain point, you can definitely overdo the nitrogen content. With worm castings, you get several nutrients that will help you build a diverse ecosystem in the soil. 

Worm castings does have roughly 1 percent nitrogen, but it also comes with many other nutrients packed in. You’ll get some phosphorus, some potassium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese for starters. It will also mix in borax, iron, carbon, zinc, and cobalt. That’s a pretty powerful nutrient punch that comes straight out of the gut of a worm. 

Added Bonus: Microbes

Although you were probably searching for information about adding nutrients to the soil, you’ll also want to think about another bonus that you get from putting worm castings in the soil. Perhaps the best thing about worm castings is that they provide thousands of microscopic microbes to the soil. You know how humans are healthier when they have a diverse ecosystem of beneficial bacteria in their gut? The same principle applies for worms and the soil.

Worms have gut bacteria and those bacteria come out in their castings. When you add those castings to soil, something magical happens. The bacteria just happen to be perfect for growing plants in. 

This is the real game-changer when it comes to replenishing the soil. Besides the nutrients, you’ll be adding microbes all throughout the soil that are ideal for putting seeds and plants in. Once the soil gets back to a respectable level of health, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your plants grow. 

Moisture Retention and Aeration

When you add worm castings to your soil, you not only get nutrients, minerals and microbes, you get some other physical benefits as well. For starters, you get the perfect tool for moisture regulation.

When water gets into the soil, worm castings will absorb some of it like a little sponge. Then, when the time is right, it will release that water so that the plants can utilize it. You can water less than you normally would, and it’s almost like having a backup watering plan in case you forget. 

If you’ve ever tried to grow plants in hard, packed-down soil, you know that it usually doesn’t work very well. Besides replenishing the nutrients, you also need to break up the soil a little bit and keep it from packaging back down. When you till the soil and add worm castings to it, you’ll be doing a lot to keep it loose and aerated.

The physical structure of the worm castings makes it very difficult to pack down. This makes it very easy for oxygen to make its way through the dirt and find its way to the plant. When you make sure that water and oxygen are getting to the roots of the plant, you’re going a long way toward promoting ideal plant health.

Pest Resistance

Another cool feature of adding worm castings to your soil is that it is naturally pest resistant. Any  kind of pest with an exoskeleton will not want to walk on the worm castings or on soil that is abundant with worm castings. This means that Japanese beetles, ants and other pests will steer clear of your garden for the most part. 

As you can see, worm castings provide nutrients and a host of other benefits to your depleted soil. They are all-natural, pesticide and chemical free and are nature’s perfect additive to your soil.

Just make sure that you use a high-quality worm casting product like Simple Grow Worm Castings when adding it to your garden. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with no fillers and assurance that you’re using a product approved for organic use. 



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