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Worm Castings Tea Kit

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Help Your Plants Grow Strong and Healthy with the Simple Grow Worm Castings Tea Kit

Have a lot of plants that need some help? Trying to make your yard grow thicker and greener? The Worm Castings Tea Kit from Simple Grow 

What is Worm Castings Tea and How Does it Help Plants?

According to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, worms digest the plant material they ingest and concentrate the nutrients in their castings. Their castings are extremely rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium.

They also contain live organisms, like actinomycetes, fungi, pseudomonads, beneficial bacteria, yeasts, plant growth regulators, molds, and trace elements. All these elements work together to create a favorable environment for plants and stimulate their growth.

Worm castings tea is a liquid form of worm castings that allows you to spray it onto the ground or directly onto plants!

Main Benefits of Using Our Worm Castings Tea Kit

  • 100% safe – Our worm fertilizer is pathogen free and will help clean the soil it is placed in. You do not need a license to spread it, and you do not have to worry about measuring quantities.  And it isn't flammable like other manures.

  • Plant growth stimulation– With worm castings, your plants’ size, yield, taste, and appearance should increase considerably. The secret lies with the trace mineral elements found in castings, similar to how a multi-vitamin helps us with our nutrient deficiencies.

  • Fungus control– Studies show that the protozoa and nematodes found in castings have the ability to control fungi growth in the long run. They also stimulate plant growth by releasing more nitrogen into the soil. 

  • Biological decomposition booster– Tests show that worm casting speeds up the decomposition of biological waste. For example, crab and prawn shells decompose two times faster in soils enriched with worm casting. 

  • Soil softener– The soil hardens, and its fertility diminishes as its content of biological matter drops. Worm castings have a unique shape that won't pack down, letting precious oxygen into the root system.

  • Insect repellant–The microorganisms in worm casting stimulate plant organisms known to act as repellents for insects like aphids, white flies, and bugs feeding on plant juices. Ongoing research targets the use of castings in pest repellents and bio-pesticides.

  • Odor elimination – Earthworm castings are more effective at absorbing odor and more economic than activated charcoal.

Why Use Worm Castings Tea?

While applying solid worm castings will provide the best results, using worm castings tea gives you much of the same results with some other benefits. By using worm castings tea, the worm castings can go farther. You can cover a larger area with worm castings tea than you can with the solid form of worm castings. For example, with just 5 lbs of castings, you can make enough tea to cover 5 acres of land. This makes it a great choice for those wanting to spray their lawns or large gardens. 

Another benefit of using tea is that you can coat existing plants with the enzymes and microbes from the worm castings. This helps prevent diseases in plants and provides a barrier around the plant to discourage pests. 

What Comes in the Kit?

In the Simple Grow Worm Castings Tea Kit, you'll get:

  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Aerator
  • Air pump
  • Bungee cord to attach to bucket
  • 15 lbs of Simple Grow Soil Builder

Just provide the water and you've got everything you need to make 15 gallons of worm castings tea.

Why Buy from Simple Grow?

You will surely find numerous ads for soil enhancers based on worm castings for sale. Many of those refer to soil with impurities, chemicals, or other ingredients not suitable for growing your precious plants. We sell 100% organic, pure earthworm castings, perfect for organic farming and gardening, and for use in decorative areas, like gardens, lawns, and greenhouses as well.

Our prices are already unbeatable, but due to the purity of our Simple Grow Soil Builder, a small quantity is enough to enhance the soil and let you obtain amazing results. Spray it on a corner of the garden and compare the plants growing in that corner with the rest of your garden. The results will speak for themselves.



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